The E&I IRB board is comprised of both scientific and non-scientific persons of varying backgrounds to promote complete and adequate review of research activities for the individual needs of our client. With a combined total of more than 250 years of experience in the research field, our members are sufficiently qualified through their experience, expertise and diversity including consideration of race, gender, cultural backgrounds, and sensitivity to such issues as community attitudes.

E&I will, at it’s discretion, invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of complex issues which require expertise beyond or in addition to that available from the E&I board members.

E&I understands business timelines are not always controlled by you. Therefore, we strive to offer the most flexible deadlines possible. 

Board meetings are scheduled weekly to ensure timely reviews of all submissions. 

This flexibility makes submission deadlines work in your favor.

Membership rosters are available for download here:

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